Can You Tell Someone Is Cheating Just By Their Face?

Can-You-Tell-Someone-Is-Cheating-Just-By-Their-Face-1Have you ever seen that movie, “Unfaithful?” It stars Richard Gere as the husband, Diane Lane as the unfaithful wife, and Olivier Martinez as the boy toy or boyfriend. Diane Lane’s character starts to have an affair with the Olivier Martinez’s character, and it goes on for some time. All the while, she is lying to Richard Gere’s character. It would have been a much shorter movie if Richard Gere’s character would have been able to tell if Diane Lane’s character was cheating on him, just by looking at her face. So can it be done? Well the answer is yes and no. Yes, certain people can tell just by looking at some one’s face if they are generally faithful, but no, no one can tell just by looking at some one if they are currently having an affair. Earlier this year, in a publication called Biology Letters, some scientists reported their findings from a study to figure out whether men and women could determine a person’s sexual infidelity by looking at a picture of them for three seconds. The paper was co-authored by Leigh Simmons, Grace Morely, and Gillian Rhodes. They initially asked approximately 200 men and women to take a survey about the number of people they had been unfaithful with, and how many of their lovers were poached from another relationship. They correlated the information with photographs of each subject. Then they asked an additional 75 men and women to rate the individuals in the photos, after seeing each photo for only three seconds. The rating was from one to ten.

Women were far more likely to gauge the unfaithfulness in men. In fact, their unfaithfulness ratings matched incredibly close to the actual numbers the men in those photos reported. It was a rather uncanny finding, and unexpected to say the least. Women, however, were not as good at gauging the faithfulness of other women, after viewing their photo for the same amount of time. They were still able to discern some degree of faithlessness, but not any where close to the extent they did with the men’s photos. The authors of the study reported that the men could not tell, with any kind of statistical significance, the unfaithfulness of the women after viewing their photo for only three seconds. Men had no idea whatsoever whether a woman was unfaithful, at least for viewing them for such a short period of time. Perhaps, if he had more time with a woman’s face, he could discern such a characteristic, but this study did not measure that.

Even though men can not tell if a woman is unfaithful just by looking at her quickly, there are ways that a guy can tell if the woman he is talking to is not being totally truthful or forthcoming. Agencies like the FBI and the CIA ( learn the difference between the two) teach techniques to their agents so they can tell if some one is lying to them. This can be the difference between life and death in the field, so they learn it well. Some of them are as follows. A person who is lying will avoid making eye contact with you. Her hand and arm movements will be limited. A liar will touch any part of her head, including her face, ears, and neck. She may even turn her body away from you while she is talking to you.

Can-You-Tell-Someone-Is-Cheating-Just-By-Their-Face-2So, can you tell some one is cheating just by their face? If you are a guy, then generally the answer is no. But be careful, because she can tell if you are unfaithful. Some women call it a sixth sense, but the results from the aforementioned study seem to support their ability to discern that trait in men.